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    • We Moved! May 15, 2012
      If you’ve been following the SMS Masterminds blog, you may have noticed something a little bit different when you typed in the URL today. Nope, you typed it in correctly. Our old blog (http://smsmasterminds.wordpress.com) now redirects you to http://textmeusa.wordpress.com. Why? We’ve done a little bit of re-branding. Don’t worry. The blog that you know and […]
      SMS Masterminds
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Mastermind Testimonials

A short overview video featuring some of our favorite guys: Jeffrey Gitomer – the King of Sales (gitomer.com), Kyle Williams – Mastermind in Spokane, Todd Treinan – Mastermind in Kansas City, Ken Leandro – Mastermind in Ventura, all talking about how SMS Masterminds has helped them achieve their goal of building a successful mobile loyalty marketing business.

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Watch testimonials from our great Masterminds from around the country

“When it comes to support that the SMS Masterminds team gives me, it’s really second to none. I get quick, detailed responses to any questions I have, or anytime there’s an issue with my site, it’s promptly resolved and regular updates are taken care of. I’ve even gotten responses on a Sunday, which just blows my mind. When it comes to delivering just an outstanding service experience, I have no complaints whatsoever, I’m very happy with the support they provide. As far as the technology goes for SMS Masterminds, I have two words: cutting edge. I never feel like I’m lagging behind. We’ve got polling, trivia, text-to-win sweepstakes, we’ve got a web widget, advanced analytics–a full range of analytics. We can tell whether or not a campaign was effective by how many opt-outs we had. Was that a good broadcast or not? I think we’ve got technology that our advertisers don’t even need, but we gotta have it! To talk about training, the more of a bedrock foundation you have and the principles that you build from is going to make any business stronger and more effective. We have just a whole suite of case studies, client testimonials, suggestive broadcasts to draw upon. You really have a strong foundation to build a business from–I know I have and that’s why I’ve been so successful. You take that combined with the partner network that the SMS Masterminds created, and it’s sort of a brotherhood that we can draw upon. They say no man is an island, and that’s never more true. My partners are out there coming up with new, inventive ways to use this technology, thinking of ideas that I’d never even come up with. I’m so thankful for that and that I’m a part of that.”

Kyle Williams, Owner of QpINs.com


“One thing that I love about SMS Masterminds, is the fact that I don’t have to worry about technology. This business changes, obviously it’s a technology business, but I can focus more on my customers, not necessarily what the technology is or what the trends are in the industry. I have a team that supports me and is always constantly updating and making the features more progressive, more intuitive, just always constantly bringing us back and having quality components to work with on our sites.”

TJ Button, Owner of tcdealZ.com


“I wanted take a few minutes to give my impressions on the first training class down in San Luis Obispo. Alex did a wonderful job with Luke and Geoff’s assistance, and of course with the staff. It was a great exchange of ideas, a lot of people sharing–the spirit of sharing was the primary drive with this, and we’re coming out with a tremendous amount of knowledge and information. It was very, very worthwhile, and we are just very thankful to SMS Masterminds for inviting us.”

– Dave Pizzuto, Co-owner of eDealColorado.com


“I really feel that SMS Masterminds is hitting on all cylinders right now…both proactively and reactively…from the new Loyalty Pads, to new marketing materials, to web site improvements, SEO focus, system efficiency improvements and especially the overall eye on technology…the performance is strong and consistent. While the fee we pay each month is a significant part of our overall monthly expenses, I know I couldn’t replicate the services I get from SMS Masterminds if we were doing it on our own. It would cost more and we would not be as good at it. Alex and Luke’s vision combined with the consistently strong and rapid performances of all the team members is what makes this work. Kristen, Geoff, Chris & Danika consistently solve problems and move us forward with their efforts…and Dave’s creative professionalism shows constantly in our new marketing pieces. Having this type of top notch “Back Office” functionality allows us to effectively focus on the front end, i.e. Sales, Customer Service etc….with the confidence that the back end is being handled efficiently and effectively. We just completed our 6th month in business, during this time we have made enormous progress in marketing, hiring, training, sales, operations etc …..the time freed up from not having to manage the technical and operations end, has greatly contributed to our progress.”

-Dave Marchiori, Co-owner of eDealColorado.com


“Just finished the two day training with Alex and the Masterminds staff and it was very worthwhile. Fun group of people, learned a lot, and realized how much I have to learn still. And I really look forward to opening my business and start making money.”

– George Goldberg, Owner of LATextSavings.com


“The reason I decided to come on with SMS Masterminds is because of the great customer service, the technology and the information that they have provided to me–and the customer support is incredible. I researched and looked at several different companies and as soon as I saw their business model, I knew that this was the perfect fit for me. Everybody here has been wonderful and the training is above and beyond. Just the enthusiasm and the knowledge that these guys have is just next to nothing I’ve seen in the industry and I love it.”

– Sheri Dieterle, Owner of 502Insider.com


“Alex, Geoff—you guys rock. I’m so impressed with the service. I got set up quick, you guys have given me all the skills, information, materials I need to hit this thing running and to go be successful, and I could not be more ecstatic.”

– Ken Leandro, Owner of 805Insider.com


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